The museum of forgotten children, 2011

O museu das crianças esquecidas, 2011

wood box, fabric, embroidery, objects, silkscreen on fabric and mirror
boxes: 6 x 12 x 12 in / 6 x 16 x 12 in


Who knows the destination of the girl who wore a red dress and like a butterfly flew without saying goodbye?

Who knows if the girl with a lace is still looking for her mother to brush her hair?

Who saw the boy in blue shorts that left his bicycle behind?

Who knows if André is still lost on the streets while he still has a good sole of shoe?

Who knows if Ângela is still looking for the way back home?

What happened to the boy who never returned to school for special children?

What happened to the girl who went to church with a green skirt, yellow shirt and took an unknown way?

Did she decide to ride on Pegasus and become a star?

Or did an UFO take her?

What place could they be?

Nothing was explained yet.

They might not know what shadow they belong to.

Were they kidnapped?

Did they left in the evening and lost their way home?

While they do not return, have a good flight.

If you do not return, have a good flight as well.